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Benefit Cosmetics Cheek Parade | Review

Hello people of the world, hope you all are having a fantastic day. 
Today's I'm going to talk about the product that has changed my life, I don't think I've ever been this excited about any product before. I'm talking about the Cheek Parade palette by Benefit Cosmetic which was released earlier this year. When I came across, I knew I had to get it. I just knew! 
I've been using this palette everyday since I got it and it never fails to impress me. 

About the product: 
Benefit's iconic bronzers & blushes rally together in this limited edition cheek palette. Features our New Galifornia golden pink blush, New Hoola lite bronzer, original Hoola matte bronzer and more. Drum up some cheeky fun with our signature tips and tricks!
5 shades to flatter all skintones
Blush bronzer palette
NEW! Hoola lite bronzer
NEW! Galifornia golden pink blush
soft, natural-bristle powder brush
all full size

This is the box of my dreams, I mean just look at how colourful and bright the packaging is. On the box you have 5 girls each holding a drum, but they replaced the drum with benefit products, I really like this concept because it's called the Cheek Parade, and they're holding the drums but the drums are their products, you get the point, right?
Anywho, at the back you get information in terms of  how much of the product you get and where it was made, which is pretty boring, maybe that's why they put it at the back, no?
Inside, there's a huge mirror which I absolutely love.
It also comes with a little booklet in which they show you how to use the bronzers & the blushers. If you're not a makeup artist or someone who just started doing their makeup, these type of booklets are really helpful.
It also comes with a little brush, this brush comes with every blush or bronzer you buy from benefit. I don't really like the blushes that comes with these kind of palettes but this one's really good.
Some people find this brush a little dense but I've been using it to contour my face and have been loving it. 
Based on first impressions this pallets is one of the best I have ever seen! It is so beautiful, you just want to stare at it. It looks super put together, everything about this pallet is just super high end.

Original Hoola Bronzer:
Original Hoola bronzer, which is the love of millions, provides a sun kissed glow and is a fantastic shade for contouring. I was most excited to use the Hoola bronzer from the palette and words cannot describe how much I've fallen for this product. Let's just say, I've found 'the one' bronzer.

Hoola Lite:
Next, we have a new addition to the family, Hoola Lite, which is basically the lighter version of the original Hoola bronzer. This is perfect for those with light skin, it provides a soft natural light bronze look. It adds a nice subtle right amount of warmth to the face.

This blusher is giving me life! It is marketed as the rose gold face powder and I am a sucker for anything rose gold. It has a super metallic look to it and the color actually kinda looks like mauve to me. It does not have any chunks of glitter in it but gives a nice shiny look when you put it on your face. But it's super light and really doesn't show up on the skin unless you get a lot of product on the brush. 

It's a soft pink color which looks really beautiful but is my least favourite out of all 5. It's not as pigmented as other blushers and gives a nice subtle look to the face.

I saved the best for the last. This blusher is probably my favourite out of the whole pallet. It's a peachy pink color but has specks of gold shimmer in it, gives a really soft sheen to the cheeks and a nice flush of color but not too shimmery or intense. Oh and it smells absolutely ah-mazing, smells like summer (if that makes any sense). Perfect for you, if you're going for a soft shimmery natural look.


(L-R) Hoola bronzer, Hoola Lite, Dandelion, Rockateur, Galiforna
In the sunlight

Final thoughts:
This palette has become one of my favorites. The packaging, the products that you get, everything inside the box just screams perfection, you get some of their best selling blushes and bronzers in this pallete. I mean it's a beautiful pallete for the price because if you buy the blush or bronzer alone, it would cost you 29$ . That means the value for this whole palette is $145 which you're getting for $58 which is such an awesome deal. Also it's great to travel with. cause you've got you're bronzer and blushers in one box instead of carrying them separately. 
But since October has already started and it's officially fall, I might have to switch to something darker and fall'er (eh). The blushers in the palette are perfect for Spring and Summer. But I'll definitely be using this palette for the Hoola bronzer during the winters.
What I really love about this palette is that all of the products are full size, so you end up saving quite a lot of money. 
All in all, I highly recommend this palette, you get a lot for the money you pay and you get full sized products in one palette. For me, this palette is a 10/10.

Thanks for reading :) 
what's your favourite product from Benefit Cosmetics?

Benefit Cosmetics Cheek Parade | Review

Hello people of the world, hope you all are having a fantastic day.  Today's I'm going to talk about the product that has changed m...