Monday, 29 May 2017

Conatural Lip Scrub | Review

During the winters, the air starts to lose it's moisture and that's how we end up with dry and chapped lips. But if you're like me and you experience the dryness of lips all year round because you're too lazy to drink 8 glasses of water a day, then this product is for you. 

About the product:
Treat your lips to a deliciously sweet treatment with our organic exfoliating scrub. Sugar gently scrubs and polishes, while almond oil hydrates to unveil supple, baby soft lips.
Antioxidants in vanilla essential oil prevent free radical damage and fine lines around the lip line. Regular use evens out and brightens lip color.

Apply a coat to lips and lightly scrub in soft, circular motions, then rinse off with water or wipe off with a damp cloth.

Let me start off by saying that I was a little skeptical about this product since I heard mixed reviews about Conatural. The products worked for some people and for others, were a total waste of money. I decided to give it a try because ever since I moved to Islamabad, my lips have become very dry and flaky. 
About the packing: I love how beautifully packed all Conatural products are. It's so colorful and the jar containing the scrub is sturdy, not made of cheap plastic.
I like that the scrub has different size of sugar granules, and does not feel harsh on the lips. The smell is oh so amazing, it smells like vanilla and cookies combined. It does not have a chemically smell at all. 
You need a little bit of the scrub for your lips and it does an amazing job. My lips feels so moisturised after washing the scrub off that I don't even need to apply a lip balm. The product claims to evens out and brightens the lip color but I've been using it for over 2 month now and have not noticed any difference in the color of my lips but it doesn't really matter because all I want is soft lips. Period. 
And did I mention it is Paraben free!

Final verdict:
This lip scrub has become my holy grail product. My lips have never felt so soft. I love the smell, the texture, the result, basically, everything about it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a lip scrub that actually works. 
Keep in mind this is no magic potion that's gonna keep your lips soft and smooth forever. Drink lots of water and use a lip balm regularly, to keep your lips from cracking. But use it before you apply a matt lipstick and you'll see the difference.

I got this scrub for pkr540 from Shaheen Chemist Islamabad. 

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  5. I haven't heard of this product before, but I do love lip scrubs x

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