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Catrice Mattifying Oil Control Paper Review

Blotting paper is a must have for everybody specially during the summers, you need to have it with you no matter where you're going or what time of the day it is. Today I'm going to talk about the Catrice Mattifying Oil Control Paper

About the Product
The Mattifying Oil Control Paper quickly absorbs excess sebum and frees your skin of shine without drying it out. Also ideal for on the go touch-ups without altering your make-up. Comes in a practical case with 50 sheets – perfect for slipping into your handbag

Remove one sheet from the compact, and press it gently against the oily areas of your face. Within seconds, it absorbs the oil from the face leaving it matte, refreshed and oil free.

Starting off with the packaging, it comes in a slim purple compact case which is hard plastic. The packaging is actually pretty good for a blotting paper as I've not seen many blotting papers having such sturdy packaging. I love how slim the compact is which makes it super easy to carry around as you can fit it into the tiniest of purses and pockets.
Each pack contains 50 sheets, which are folded inside the pack in a way that you can easily pull out one sheet at a time.
As you can see from the picture below, one sheet is as long as my finger, normally I take 1 sheet and press it on my T-zone and chin. but sometimes when my face is oilier than usual, it takes 2 sheets to give a matte look to the entire face.
You can use this blotting paper
To remove excess oil from your face
After applying your moisturizer
After applying makeup

Catrice Mattifying Oil Control Paper v/s Palladio Rice Paper
I've been using the Palladio rice paper for a really long time, and the reason I'm absolute in love with it is mainly because it's not only a blotting paper but it has one powdered side. You blot your face from one side of the sheet and then press the powdered side on your face, leaving your face refreshed and natural looking.
On the other hand Catrice Mattifying paper just absorbs up the excess oil from the face to give a matte look, and its sheets are smaller comparative to the Palladio rice paper.

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If you're looking for a blotting paper that has no powder on it and which absorbs excess oil from your face to give a matte and refreshed look. A compact that is slim enough to easily carry in your purse.


585rs. ($6)
Catrice cosmetics are available at all leading stores. 

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What’s your favorite blotting paper at the moment?

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