Monday, 1 December 2014

OOTD | Hello December

Hello everybody, hope you're doing well.
December has finally arrived, which means 30 more days till New Year. Yay yay! I couldn't be any happier.
This year 2014 has been aaahh-mazing. pfft, just kidding. Wish I could say that but this year has not exactly been a fun and exciting year for me. I'm really looking forward to 2015 and really hope that the next year is better *fingers crossed*
So I dressed up today. Yes, that feels like an accomplishment when you spend your days in pajamas and oversized t-shirts. Even though I strongly believe that pajama days are a must in order to have a truly happy life and I really wish I could get a job where I can work from home in my pajamas. Oh well. But today I dressed up 'cause I was celebrating the last month of 2014.
I went out today and got my caffeine fix at Gloria Jeans and wore this sparkly sweater that I got from Breakout last year. It's a comfy over sized sweater.
Did I mention I'm excited for new year? (yeah. stop. now)
I wore a dark brown t-shirt underneath the sweater and paired it with my black pants. I've owned this pair of pants for like 5 years and love wearing it everyday 'cause they're just so comfy.
I added a statement necklace and my new favorite mustache watch. This is my second favorite watch, 'cause nothing can beat the boyfriend watch.
The whole outfit was pretty much neutral colored, so for a pop of color I chose this blue clutch. It's velvet and looks super classy paired with anything.

Always on Instagram and Pinterest. When I get bored, I search food pictures and swoon over it, haha. (Don't judge) 

That's it for this post :) what's your must have accessory for Fall?
Thanks for reading xoxo


  1. Everything looks perfect! From that necklace to the sparkly sweater. And those shoes! Just perfect! Interesting watch. And I LOVE your hair! xx

  2. Your sweater is beautiful and I love your braid!


  3. Lovee the sweater. And yes, for me the perfect winter to go outfit consists of oversized sweaters!!

  4. Love your sweater and bag! <3


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