Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Photo Diary | Birthday Shenanigans

Tick Tock, the clock ticks 12 *poof* I'm a year older. It's funny how the universe works. Like why can't I celebrate my birthday without adding +1 to my age. Clearly, it is too much to ask for :p
My birthday was yesterday, 5th of August and I decided to do a Photo Diary for today's post. I wanted to share some feelings along with some pictures on my blog.
I have a simple question, why do people think passing time brings a wiser mind? Why can't I get older without people questioning my sanity? haha. Yes I'm in my twenties but I'm still a 10 year old at heart. I get super excited on birthdays, I expect people to give me nicely wrapped gifts and candies makes me happy. Like, lots of candies.
I take birthdays very seriously because I feel like this is my day (which I obviously share with millions, but still it's mine in a way) I wake up with a huge smile on my face, I try to ignore all kind of negativity, I eat a lot of food *nom nom*, and just try to remain as calm as I possibly can. I think I should wake up everyday thinking it's my birthday, that would make my life a lot easier. haha. But no, the food part concerns me :p
If you're anything like me and not the kind who thinks of birthdays as one-year-closer-to-death(creepy) I'm sure you can relate to me.
I need to stop the rant, this post is supposed to be a Photo Diary. Gosh, stop already. To the picturesss now.
Let's start off with the 12pm traditional cake cutting. My sister decided to bake a cake for me (isn't she a darling) I'm so blessed to have a sister who can bake such yummy food. But a yahoodi sazish happened and the cake turned out to be a disaster. When she took it out of the box/pan/whatever, it broke into million pieces and so did my heart *sigh* but we being super creative, decorated the cake the best that we could and thanks to her I was able to cut the cake (or in this case, ruins of cake) at 12 o clock. The cake was so yum, so let's not judge the book by its cover haha.

Virtual Cake eating yay.

 FOTD- minus the face. These are the products that I used before going out for the dinner. I recently bought the Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Foundation and have fallen in love it. Perfect for medium coverage.

I've been straightening my hair a lot recently, so I decided to go for a change and tried curling my hair using a straightener which was an experiment that went totally wrong. The right side turned out to be good but the left was a little bit of a disaster. It looked like I just got out of bed and did half my hair, not a good look for your birthday dinner that comes ONCE a year. So I ended up straightening my hair.

I always get mesmerized by the colors of the sky.

Now to the birthday outfit. I wore an embroidery kurti from Rang Ja and paired it with pink leggings and a crushed dupatta. I've been super obsessed with crushed anything lately. It's a cotton kurti with multi colored embroidery with a touch of gold in it which goes very well with the base color. This kurti was a gift from my sister so basically I wore my birthday gift to my birthday dinner.
Kindly ignore the untidy look, I took this picture after we came back from the dinner, and this is the only picture I have that shows my full outfit. I'm wearing the kurti in Medium although I wanted it in Small size but they only had it in medium so I decided to get it anyway even though it is kinda loose for me, but it looked nice when paired with fitted leggings.


Annnnnnd now the cake cake cake cake (I need to stop doing that) I got it made from Masoom's. The cake was so delicious I think I ate more than half of it and I had a super sugar rush after that. You need proof? I'm up at 3am writing this blog post :p

I didn't have the heart to eat the cake, it looked so perfect. But I ate it anyway *yummy for my tummy*

While I was going through the pictures, I realized I didn't take any pictures of the food. Whaaaat! I guess we were all so hungry and attacked the food right away without realizing I have an instagram account :p
That's it for today's post, hope you enjoyed it :)
When is your birthday? Let me know in the comments below x
P.S: Don't forget to wish me belated birthday :p haha


  1. I started reading this and i was like okay somebody is excited , haha. Happy birthday :) love the kurta

    1. haha it was the sugar talking :D thaank you x

  2. Mariam ... a happy belated birthday...I hope it was lots of fun... the cake looks like it would put me in sugar shock, lol ;-)

  3. Hey belated happy birthday.. :) Wish u all the best ahead... Oh and that cake looks yummmm...

    Following your blog now dear... Don't forget pay my blog a visit and follow via GFC if u like its :)


  4. Happy birthday! Love the way you write. Yahoodi Sazish, you are hilarious girl!


  5. Happy Birthday doll look like you had an awesome cake.

    1. Thanks Jackie x yes it tasted like heaven :))

  6. Oh that cake looks so good. *drools all over*



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