Thursday, 7 August 2014

Luscious Powder Blush - 026 Doll Face | Review

Hi beautiful, today I'm going to review one of my favorite powder blush for the summers, Luscious Cosmetics Powder Blush in shade 026 'Doll Face'. I have never used a Luscious product that I did not like. They have the most amazing cosmetics, and the cherry on top is that their products are cruelty free and non comedogenic, I believe it means that it does not cause any breakouts and do not clog your pores. Or don't trust me, just go Google it yourself :p
About the product:
A velvety smooth and blendable formula perfect adding a pop of color to your complexion. Use it to brighten, enhance, contour, and define the shape of your face. Available in a collection of highly pigmented matte and shimmer shades that can be worn separately or layered together to create seductive depth.
Apply with a brush in light layers starting from the apple of your cheeks up towards your ear.

To tell you the truth this shade gives me instant rush of nostalgia every time I look at it. It reminds me of all the Barbie collection I used to have as a child. Clearly there's a reason they named it 'Doll face'. It is a bright pink color, which would look good on all skin tones.
The pigmentation is great, which also means you need to be very careful while applying it. Don't over do it or you may end up looking like a Russian doll. Unless you want to, in that case no judging from my side (I know,‪ #yolo haha.) But if you want to have bright pink cheeks, the tip is to keep the rest of your makeup neutral. Looking at the pigmentation I can tell the blush is going to last for a long time. Good thing I like the shade or else you know how you get a product, you use it, but don't really like it and never run of it and you feel bad purchasing a new product cause you've already got a product that's not even finished, yeah, ‪story of my life :p
It blends very well into the skin. Make sure to start with the minimum product on the brush and build your way up. If you get too much product on the brush you're going to have a hard time blending it properly.
It comes in a nice little round greyish-silver pot with a transparent window on top. It's nothing really fancy, in fact the cardboard box in which you get this round pot, is more fancier than this. The net weight of this blush is 0.21oz (6g)
The formula is matte, no glitter, no shimmer, no chunky bits of anything. Just simple matte. The texture is very smooth and fine.
The staying power is not really impressive as it stays on the skin for about 3-4 hours with base and then starts to fade. But that's the problem with almost all the powder blushes that I've used. I really need to find a blush that stays for a long looong time.
All in all this shade adds a beautiful pop of color to your face. It's easily available in the shops or you can order it from their website and it is not heavy on the pocket. Although I do feel that there should be a mirror and a brush with the blush but that's not that much of a negative point comparing to the quality that I get.
The Good
Easily available
Matte formula
The Bad
No brush and/or mirror
Staying power
Price? Would I repurchase it?
I got it for 675rs (6$). Yes, if I ever run out of it.
Thank you for reading :)
Let me know what is your favorite powder blush x


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