Sunday, 10 August 2014

Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Foundation - 05 Biege Honey | Review

Hello there, today's post is dedicated to Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Foundation. I have never used a foundation in my life before. A concealer plus a face powder, and I'm good to go. Last year I decided to try out the BB creams thinking they are easy to apply and a good alternative for foundation so I got the Garnier BB cream and was very much disappointed. Runny consistency, the lightest shade was too dark for my skin tone, it made my skin very dry and on top of that it smelled weird.
But then I was introduced to this baby.
About the Product:
Super longwearing foundation that delivers high comfort and new skin finishes with medium to high coverage. This sensorial gel-cream texture blends perfectly to give an even and weightless skin-like coverage.

My thoughts:
Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Foundation comes in a rectangular matte black tube. It has a fine nozzle attached to it which make it very easy to take your desired amount by applying the correct pressure and without creating a mess or wasting any (it's quite expensive, you don't want to waste any :p). The packing is travel friendly as the cap does not come off easily also the size is compact enough to fit in a tiny makeup bag.
I got the shade 05 Honey beige as it matched best with my skin tone. It has yellow undertones in it which is perfect for an Asian skin and blends well without looking fake.
The texture of the foundation is creamy. The consistency is in between liquid and a mousse, and that's why it is referred to as a gel-cream. The consistency makes it easy to blend into the skin without much trouble. I dot it on my face and blend it using my fingers but for more finished look, you can use a foundation brush.
The Lakme foundation is perfect for every day use and for special night outs. It gives medium to full coverage, all you have to do it dot it all over your face and blend it in.  For full coverage, wait for 1-2 minutes after the application of first layer and then apply the second layer. Repeat until you get your desired coverage. The best thing is that it is a light weight foundation and does not feel heavy on the skin.
Lakme claims that it gives new skin finishes and I totally agree with it. This product lives up to the claims in many ways. It covers up any discoloration on my skin and gives an instant glow to the skin without giving it a dewy look. Not sure if it cover any blemishes or scary acne cause I don't have any on my skin, but I guess you'll be needing a concealer for that. It gives a matte finish and does not appear cakey or fake. Apply it on the skin, set it off with a face powder and voila, you're good to go.
Although I do feel that it would work better on a normal to combination skin. I've got a dry and sensitive skin and I'm always reluctant to try out new products for my face cause they always end up making my skin red, and itchy. But Lakme foundation worked well for my sensitive skin. First time I applied it without a moisturizer, it accentuated the dry patches around my nose and on the cheeks. Next time I applied quite a lot of moisturizer and before it could absorb into the skin I layered the foundation on top of it and blended them together. This gave a much better result and did not accentuated the dry patches. For people with dry skin, the tip is to take your moisturizer and foundation, mix them up and then apply it to the face to avoid any dry patches.
Another plus point is that the foundation is long wearing, it lasted on my face almost the whole day with a little bit of powder touch ups. Also, it does not smell weird.
All in all this foundation lives up to the claims. It is perfect for an everyday wear and for special occasions as it provides medium to full coverage. It is best suitable for normal to combo skin. Makes your skin glow instantly and stays on for up to good 10+ hours (on dry skin).
I'm loving it for the summers but as my skin gets a lot dry in the winter I don't think I'll continue using it. I'll look for a foundation with more creamey consistency.
The Good:
Matte look
Covers discoloration
Handy packaging
Blends easily
Long wearing foundation
Weightless formula
The Bad:
Quite expensive
Accentuates dry patches
Price? Would I repurchase it?
You get 50g for 1200rs (12$) which is quite expensive for a drugstore product.
Yes, but only during the summers.
Thank you for reading it :)
What's your favorite liquid foundation?

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Luscious Powder Blush - 026 Doll Face | Review

Hi beautiful, today I'm going to review one of my favorite powder blush for the summers, Luscious Cosmetics Powder Blush in shade 026 'Doll Face'. I have never used a Luscious product that I did not like. They have the most amazing cosmetics, and the cherry on top is that their products are cruelty free and non comedogenic, I believe it means that it does not cause any breakouts and do not clog your pores. Or don't trust me, just go Google it yourself :p
About the product:
A velvety smooth and blendable formula perfect adding a pop of color to your complexion. Use it to brighten, enhance, contour, and define the shape of your face. Available in a collection of highly pigmented matte and shimmer shades that can be worn separately or layered together to create seductive depth.
Apply with a brush in light layers starting from the apple of your cheeks up towards your ear.

To tell you the truth this shade gives me instant rush of nostalgia every time I look at it. It reminds me of all the Barbie collection I used to have as a child. Clearly there's a reason they named it 'Doll face'. It is a bright pink color, which would look good on all skin tones.
The pigmentation is great, which also means you need to be very careful while applying it. Don't over do it or you may end up looking like a Russian doll. Unless you want to, in that case no judging from my side (I know,‪ #yolo haha.) But if you want to have bright pink cheeks, the tip is to keep the rest of your makeup neutral. Looking at the pigmentation I can tell the blush is going to last for a long time. Good thing I like the shade or else you know how you get a product, you use it, but don't really like it and never run of it and you feel bad purchasing a new product cause you've already got a product that's not even finished, yeah, ‪story of my life :p
It blends very well into the skin. Make sure to start with the minimum product on the brush and build your way up. If you get too much product on the brush you're going to have a hard time blending it properly.
It comes in a nice little round greyish-silver pot with a transparent window on top. It's nothing really fancy, in fact the cardboard box in which you get this round pot, is more fancier than this. The net weight of this blush is 0.21oz (6g)
The formula is matte, no glitter, no shimmer, no chunky bits of anything. Just simple matte. The texture is very smooth and fine.
The staying power is not really impressive as it stays on the skin for about 3-4 hours with base and then starts to fade. But that's the problem with almost all the powder blushes that I've used. I really need to find a blush that stays for a long looong time.
All in all this shade adds a beautiful pop of color to your face. It's easily available in the shops or you can order it from their website and it is not heavy on the pocket. Although I do feel that there should be a mirror and a brush with the blush but that's not that much of a negative point comparing to the quality that I get.
The Good
Easily available
Matte formula
The Bad
No brush and/or mirror
Staying power
Price? Would I repurchase it?
I got it for 675rs (6$). Yes, if I ever run out of it.
Thank you for reading :)
Let me know what is your favorite powder blush x

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Photo Diary | Birthday Shenanigans

Tick Tock, the clock ticks 12 *poof* I'm a year older. It's funny how the universe works. Like why can't I celebrate my birthday without adding +1 to my age. Clearly, it is too much to ask for :p
My birthday was yesterday, 5th of August and I decided to do a Photo Diary for today's post. I wanted to share some feelings along with some pictures on my blog.
I have a simple question, why do people think passing time brings a wiser mind? Why can't I get older without people questioning my sanity? haha. Yes I'm in my twenties but I'm still a 10 year old at heart. I get super excited on birthdays, I expect people to give me nicely wrapped gifts and candies makes me happy. Like, lots of candies.
I take birthdays very seriously because I feel like this is my day (which I obviously share with millions, but still it's mine in a way) I wake up with a huge smile on my face, I try to ignore all kind of negativity, I eat a lot of food *nom nom*, and just try to remain as calm as I possibly can. I think I should wake up everyday thinking it's my birthday, that would make my life a lot easier. haha. But no, the food part concerns me :p
If you're anything like me and not the kind who thinks of birthdays as one-year-closer-to-death(creepy) I'm sure you can relate to me.
I need to stop the rant, this post is supposed to be a Photo Diary. Gosh, stop already. To the picturesss now.
Let's start off with the 12pm traditional cake cutting. My sister decided to bake a cake for me (isn't she a darling) I'm so blessed to have a sister who can bake such yummy food. But a yahoodi sazish happened and the cake turned out to be a disaster. When she took it out of the box/pan/whatever, it broke into million pieces and so did my heart *sigh* but we being super creative, decorated the cake the best that we could and thanks to her I was able to cut the cake (or in this case, ruins of cake) at 12 o clock. The cake was so yum, so let's not judge the book by its cover haha.

Virtual Cake eating yay.

 FOTD- minus the face. These are the products that I used before going out for the dinner. I recently bought the Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Foundation and have fallen in love it. Perfect for medium coverage.

I've been straightening my hair a lot recently, so I decided to go for a change and tried curling my hair using a straightener which was an experiment that went totally wrong. The right side turned out to be good but the left was a little bit of a disaster. It looked like I just got out of bed and did half my hair, not a good look for your birthday dinner that comes ONCE a year. So I ended up straightening my hair.

I always get mesmerized by the colors of the sky.

Now to the birthday outfit. I wore an embroidery kurti from Rang Ja and paired it with pink leggings and a crushed dupatta. I've been super obsessed with crushed anything lately. It's a cotton kurti with multi colored embroidery with a touch of gold in it which goes very well with the base color. This kurti was a gift from my sister so basically I wore my birthday gift to my birthday dinner.
Kindly ignore the untidy look, I took this picture after we came back from the dinner, and this is the only picture I have that shows my full outfit. I'm wearing the kurti in Medium although I wanted it in Small size but they only had it in medium so I decided to get it anyway even though it is kinda loose for me, but it looked nice when paired with fitted leggings.


Annnnnnd now the cake cake cake cake (I need to stop doing that) I got it made from Masoom's. The cake was so delicious I think I ate more than half of it and I had a super sugar rush after that. You need proof? I'm up at 3am writing this blog post :p

I didn't have the heart to eat the cake, it looked so perfect. But I ate it anyway *yummy for my tummy*

While I was going through the pictures, I realized I didn't take any pictures of the food. Whaaaat! I guess we were all so hungry and attacked the food right away without realizing I have an instagram account :p
That's it for today's post, hope you enjoyed it :)
When is your birthday? Let me know in the comments below x
P.S: Don't forget to wish me belated birthday :p haha

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