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Chanleevi Lipsticks | Review & Swatchs

Hello, I feel like I do a lot of lip products reviews, but that's mainly because whenever I'm out shopping for cosmetics I always gravitate towards the lip products. Last week I saw this great deal on lipsticks on a facebook page and I couldn't stop my self from placing the order. These lipstciks are from brand Chanleevi. I've never heard of this brand and even though I tried to Google it, didn't really find anything. All I know is that these lipsticks are made in China, (it's mentioned under the lipsticks)
Okay let's talk about the pink box below in the picture, for a minute, I've bought so much stuff from online stores but have never received anything in such a cute box before. I mean just look at it, isn't it cute. So I received my lipsticks in this pink cardboard box with stripes on it. I mean they could've sent the lipsticks in a boring packet but they didn't and I love them for that. I'm totally using this box for keeping my rings or earing.

I don't think any girl would say she doesn't like something just because it's pink :p same is the case with the packaging here, it's pink in color, super chic and I love it. The case is transparent  and 'lipstick' is written all over the upper lid and there's a flower pattern as well. There is a transparent window on top of the lipstick which makes it easy to look for the shade. Over all I would give the packaging 4/5, and -1 is because I feel the upper lid could be easily broken if you drop it or something. It's not quite sturdy, and I'll have to be extra careful with it.

(sunlight) L-R 22, 14,19

Shade 22
It is a very pretty red, not too deep and not too bright. What I like is that it could be worn easily without any base. It complimented my skin tone very well.

Shade 19
This shade looks very much similar to shade 22 and is pretty much the same except that there's a hint of orange if you pay close attention. When I applied both the shades I couldn't really tell the difference.
I came to the conclusion that applying 3-4 layers gives you almost the same result as shade 22.Almost. But when I used it as a tint and just dabbed it on my lips then I could see the actual deep orange shade. You can tell from the swatch as well that there's very little difference.

Shade 14
My favorite shade of the three. It is a Barbie pink color which is so adorable. I can't remember the last time I adored a pink color this much. It reminds me of cotton candy and I just want to eat it so bad.

My thoughts:
I've talked about the packaging, so let's start with the color payoff. The pigmentation of these lipsticks is really good. More swipe equals to more deeper shade. I didn't need more than 2 swipes to get my desired shade. I love how all three lipsticks are super matt, no glitter, no shine, no drama just plain matte. I didn't expect these lipsticks to give such a good matte result, the fact that I've never really heard of this brand, it's pretty unknown and I thought the result would be somewhere between matte and glossy but I was surprised, in a good way.
Next thing that I'm going to discuss now is probably the #bestest thing, and that is the staying power. Yes, these lipsticks had me at the matte-result but the staying power was just a cherry on top. It lasted on my lips for 6plus hours and during that time I ate, twice, and had water a couple of times. And it just stayed on the lips, I mean how awesome is that. Even after 6 hours it faded a little but the color was still quite fresh and I did not had to do any touch ups. It reminded me of the Rivaj lipstick that was one of my favorites last year, that too was matte with great staying power.
The scent is quite weird, it smells a little like medice. But as the scent is not that strong, it wouldn't really bother. I've got a sensitive nose and that's the reason I could tell or else you'll have to stick it very close to your nose to smell it.
Once you apply them, they don't feel heavy on the lips but the application could be a little tricky as the lipsticks are a quite dry and you have to be careful or else you can break it in half if you put too much pressure.
Final Verdict:
All in all I'm happy that I ordered these lipstick. Loved the packaging even though the plastic is not quite sturdy. The color pay off is really good with great lasting power which stays up to 6plus hours. If you're fan of matte lipsticks, I suggest you go and grab them.
I got this deal for 1100rs from Sophia Collection on facebook.
The Good:
Great lasting power
Cute packaging
Color payoff is good
The Bad:
Smells weird
Packaging not so sturdy
Thanks you for reading :)
Have you tried any of the Chanleevi cosmetics? Let me know in the comments below x


  1. Thank you lovely for your kind comment <3

  2. All shades are very pretty...:)

  3. First time I am hearing of this brand too. You are right, the last shade is sucha beautiful pink! You have a lovely blog btw!

  4. Hello from Spain: I had not seen before that brand of lipstick. Keep in touch

  5. Like the package and colors but do not like my lipstick smelling weird.

  6. never heard of this brand....but the colors, pigmentation and staying power is a bit alluring :P so now im gonna check them out! thanks for sharing with us :)

  7. I have shade 06 of this chanleevi, its nice and it smells good tho.

  8. I was googling it too. I haven't see anything but your reviews. I have this shade 06 too and I'm loving the color! ♥

  9. Hi I am from suriname and yesterday I found this brand in a chineese store I have shade 40 and it's rocking and it smells normal


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