Saturday, 22 March 2014

Mini Haul | Cosmetics

Hello out there, today I'm here to do a mini haul post. I love reading such posts as I get to know about new products and also cause I'm a bit nosey :D so if you fall into any of the two categories, here's a post for you.
This is the first time I ordered stuff from and it wasn't exactly a good experience. They took 2 weeks to deliver the package, even though on the website it is mentioned that the order would be delivered within 5 working days. Secondly, once I made the payment, I didn't receive any confirmation mail. The reason it took so long and that they couldn't reply was because they were shifting something (that's what I heard on the phone) But all is well that ends well, I received my package nicely packed, and hey, they got my order right. So yeah, they haven't lost a customer (but next time I'll try to be more patient)

Things I ordered:
Essence Lipstick - Coral Calling
Catrice Cosmetics Allround Concealer
Color Studio Professional Soft Kohl Kajal - Coco 
Essence Gel Tint - Apricot

Essence Gel Tint - Apricot:
I have the same tint in shade deep red and I love it. I've been using that one for the past 4 months now, and the tube is still half full. Impressed by that, I ordered this gel tint in shade Apricot, because it's orange...I don't need any other reason, do I? I've always been a sucker for orange lippis and blushers.

Catrice Cosmetics Allround Concealer:
I enjoy using concealers. Yes, I know that sounds lame, but I actually do. I love how they brighten your eyes and cover any imperfections on your face. I've been wanting to order this concealer for a long time cause I really wanted to try a pink and green concealer. It's a colorful palette, isn't it?

Color Studio Professional Soft Kohl Kajal - Coco:
For the daytime, I always prefer brown liner / eye pencil because I believe it appears more subtle and define your eyes at the same time, without making them dramatic (unless you're going for a dramatic look, in that case, ignore what I just said). I got this soft kohl kajal in shade coco. It's a deep drown color.

Essence Lipstick - Coral Calling:
Coral lips are trending this season and my love for coral is never ending. I've already got so many coral/orange lippis that I barely use but decided to order another anyway and am I obsessed? Once you try it, trust me there's no going back.

That is it for today's mini haul. I'll be doing a full review on each of the product soon.
Thanks for reading :)
What's your recent beauty purchase?

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

GFC unble to connect

Quick question everyone, is your GFC responding properly. I've been facing this problem since morning. I am unable to follow anyone via GFC and people are having the same problem following my blog :/ every time I try to follow someone, it says:

We're sorry...
We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later.

Are you facing the same problem? Or do you know how to resolve this issue?
Kindly let me know.

Outdoor Girl - L07 | Review & Swatch

Hello lovelies,
Today I'm going to review the Outdoor girl lipstick in shade L07. Ever since I lost my Revlon Lip Butter Tutti Frutti, I've been in search for an orange shade. I've never heard of Outdoor girl before and couldn't find much about this brand when I googled it. But the color looked so pretty that I had to purchase it. So let's get into the review.



one swipe (L) multiple swipes (R)

In my opinion:
This lipstick has the creamiest texture ever. I've used the Revlon lip butters which are known for their buttery texture, but this lipstick glides on so smoothly. And the pigmentation is great, you get the shade in just one swipe. In the last picture above I've compared one swipe (L) v/s multiple swipes (R), you can see that there is not much difference in the result. This lipstick is completely odorless and tasteless which makes me like it even more.
The packaging is very impressive, it comes in a black slim tube. The outer shell is matte, and then there's a white inner shell inside the cap. It is plastic but is really sturdy, usually you won't expect a low priced product to have such a solid packaging.
Now coming towards the shade, the color itself is a bright glossy orange that just pops on the face. It is kind of flashy and can be worn best with nude eyes. I would suggest wearing this shade during the nighttime because during the daytime the sunlight would make it appear too bright.
The lasting power is not so impressive, it lasted for about 3 hours after eating and drinking. And it does not disappear evenly but it does leave a light orange stain, which lasts for almost 2 more hours.

A bright orange glossy shade, which is perfect for night time. Does not have any smell or taste, and stays on the lips for about 3 hours. The packaging is sturdy and the cap does not come off easily.

The Good:
Creamy texture
Sturdy packaging

The Bad:
Lasting power


Price? Would I repurchase it?
Here comes the interesting part, I got it for 175rs (less than $2). Compared to the price, the pigmentation is really good.
Not sure about the repurchase, because I'm not a big fan of glossy lipstick, but it was worth buying. And you should definitely give it a try if you're into glossy lip products. I got mine from Al-Fatah Lahore.

Thanks for reading :)
What's your favorite lip product these days?

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Spring has Sprung!

Hello my lovelies,
It's been forever since I last posted on my blog. I have missed it so much but have been so darn busy with life. Yesterday I said to myself, no matter what, I have to take some time out and bring my blog back to life and here I am. As it's been quite a while, I couldn't really think of a topic for my comeback-post.
Hence, no fancy posts for now, just here to say hello! Well HELLO there! :D

Since spring is here, the weather is getting warm, and it's time to clean the wardrobe. Ah, the thing I dread the most. But it's time to take out your lawn clothes,baby! And with all the spring lawn collections in stores, I went on a little shopping spree ;)

Speaking of which, spring has already sprung in my garden. And here are some pictures that I took yesterday.
How's the weather where you live?

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