Thursday, 29 August 2013

Rivaj UK Quick Dry Water Proof Lips Gloss | Review

Hello lovelies, today I'm going to review Quick Dry Water Proof Lip Gloss by Rivaj UK in shade 018.

Product description:
It will fix your selected color on your lips just in 60 seconds with a touch of matt finish.

In my opinion:
I heard people raving about this lip gloss so decided to try it myself. I got this lip gloss a year ago and love to wear it specially during the night time.The good thing about this lip gloss is that it’s really pigmented, in just one swipe you get the shade. This shade 018 is a pretty pink color which appears so fresh on the lips. It comes in a slim tube with applicators on both sides. It comes in 18 beautiful shades.
This lip gloss gives a nice matt finish on the lips which makes me fall in love with it every time I apply. Although it does come with a transparent liquid applicator but I’ve never used it because I like matt lips. Period.

What I don’t like about this product:
It dries quickly so you have to apply it fast.

You might like it:
If you’re looking for a pigmented matt finish lip color with good staying power. It is a 2 in 1 lip gloss, you can wear it for matt as well as glossy finish.

Would I repurchase it? Price?
Yes, I’d like me some more matt lip colors. I got it for 285PKR.

Rating:  4.5/5
Thanks for reading :) What's your all time favorite lip color?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Toni&Guy Iron-It Heat Defence Spray | Review

Product description:
Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Heat Protection Mist used before heat styling helps protect against damage and breakage caused by blow-drying and straightening hair. Spray evenly over towel-dried hair and comb through before blow-drying, or spritz over dry hair before using straightening or curling irons.

In my opinion:
I would like to see a show of hands of the ladies out there who want to protect their hair from heat of the styling tools...I'm pretty sure everyone raised their hand. I know we can't stop using hair dryers and hair straighteners because they've become a part of our hair routine. Every time I wash my hair, I blow dry it, specially my bangs/fringe. So a heat protectant is a must-have for all of us. Because if used regularly, these hot tools may damage your hair. By using such heat defense products we can not eliminate the damage that is done to our hair but can reduce it. I haven’t tried many heat protection sprays so I can’t really compare the Tony&Guy Iron-It Heat Defence Spray with any other but I'm pretty satisfied with this product so far.
It comes in a silver colored bottle which is handy and also, looks pretty. When sprayed, gives an even and decent coverage. It adds shine to my hair and does not make them sticky. I like how my hair feels after applying it. I've got really long hair, so I have to apply a lot of it to get all the hair covered.
Since I've started using it, I've noticed difference in the texture of my hair and its overall health. So this product is working well for me.

How to use it:
Hold upright and at least 20cm (8 in.) away from your hair. Spray liberally on damp hair if blow-drying, or on dry hair if using straightening irons. After spraying it, let it dry for about a minute, then comb your hair using a wide tooth comb to distribute the product evenly.

The Good:
Protects hair from heat damage
Smells nice (after most of the smell has faded away)
Adds shine to the hair
Gives even coverage

The Bad:
Quite expensive
Makes hair a little greasy (only a little!)

What I don't like about this product:
The overwhelming smell. Although it fades away with time, and leaves my hair smelling nice.

Would I repurchase it? Price?
Yes. I got it for 895PKR

Rating: 4/5

Thanks for reading :) What's your favorite heat protection spray?

St.Ives Apricot Scrub (Sensitive Skin) | Review

Product description:
From America's #1 Scrub brand, this extra mild Apricot Scrub with 100% Naturally Derived Exfoliants for sensitive skin instantly smoothes skin and is gentle enough for everyday use.

Product Claims:
Oil-free • Non-irritating • dermatologist-tested • 100% natural exfoliants • 100% natural extracts • Formulated without parabens and phthalates • Made without animal ingredients

In my opinion:
If you want baby soft skin, then this is the product for you. This product is worth the hype. I first bought this scrub 2years ago and I haven’t looked back since. This scrub removes away all the dirt and dead skin from my face and makes it fresh and clean in less than 2minutes without over drying it. I’ve got a dry sensitive skin and not every product works for me, but this one does wonders. It does not feel harsh on my face. I only use a little amount and gently scrub it on my wet face for about a minute or two and voilà!
I know it’s a face scrub but I also use it to scrub my hands and they feel oh so soft. It says that the scrub is gentle enough for everyday use but I use it twice a week or before getting ready for some occasion. This product is my best friend.

What I don’t like about this product?
I can’t think of anything.

Would I repurchase it? Price?

Rating: 5/5

Thanks for reading :) what’s your favorite face scrub?

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Color Me Neon.

Let's just close our eyes for few seconds and thank the fashion gods for bringing neon back. Looking at anything neon makes me happy, that's why I like to call it a mood booster.
Today I decided to share pictures of some of the neon stuff that I've bought over the period of time.

I must'ache you a question!

Hope you enjoyed it :)
What's in your neon collection?

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Pout Polish - Bonair | Review & Swatch

Product Description:
A tinted lip conditioning balm formulated with natural oils as well as having a high SPF of 15, giving you gorgeous conditioned lips that are protected from the Sun’s harmful rays.

In my opinion: 
I love me some orange color on the lips! This lip conditioner is a bright orange color with SPF 15. It smells oh so good, kinda like vanilla and caramel. The color looks really bright in the jar but when applied, it appears sheer and glossy on the lips. This lip conditioner moisturizes my lips very well but stays for only 3hours.

 I love the Caribbean themed design on the lid. It has palm trees and a ship which instantly reminds me of Summer, vacations and sea at the same time. It comes in a screw-top jar and the color is visible from the bottom half of the jar which is transparent.  

The Bad:
Another lip product where I have to dip my finger into the jar..not a big fan of this idea. It does not last long on the lips. I have to reapply it after 3 hours. The color appears too sheer on the lips.

The Good:
If you're not too comfortable wearing bold orange color on your lips. Also if you want the lip conditioner to be moisturizing with SPF in it.

In the sunlight

You can get this product from Sleek makeup website.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it and found it helpful :) Let me know in the comments below if you've tried anything from this Caribbean Collection.

Rating: 3/5 
Thanks for reading :) Have you tried anything from Sleek Caribbean Collection? 

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